Watch Tamil Movies Back-to-Back This Weekend

People like to sit back and enjoy their weekends by watching Tamil movies. If you are on your weekend and want to watch movies, you can choose to watch Tamil movies such asJiivi, Jiivi 2, Diary and much more.

You can watch all the latest Tamil movies  on OTT sites such as aha. You can watch all your favourite Tamil movies on that OTT site from the comfort of your house. Read the guide below to learn more about top Tamil movies to watch during the weekends.

Latest Tamil Movies You Can Choose to Watch

Some of the best Tamil movies you can watch during the weekends are as follows:


This is a 2019 thriller/drama Tamil movie directed by V J Gopinath. The cast of this Tamil movie includes Vetri, Monica Chinnakotla, Ashwini Chandrasekhar and many more. The movie is about a brilliant movie that, after a love affair, looks to steal from his landlady but is shocked by the later incidents. This is one of the best Tamil thriller movies that you will ever see.

Jiivi 2

This is a sequence to the original Tamil movie Jiivi, one of the best Tamil movies. The cast of this Tamil movie includes Vetri, Ashwini Chandrasekhar, Mime Gopi, Karunakaran and many more. The story of this Tamil sequel begins with Saravanan’s marriage to Kavitha, and the husband tries to arrange funds for his wife’s eye surgery. His plan is unsuccessful, and he looks to steal again.


This is one of the latest Tamil movies to watch with friends and family members. The movie’s director is InnasiPandiyan, and the movie’s cast includes Arulnithi, PavithraMarimuthu, Jaya Prakash, Sha Ra and many more. The story revolves around a 16-year-old couple murder case that a newly joined cop undertakes. Soon, the cop finds himself on a bus with many people coming from different walks of life. Watch the movie on aha to learn more. 

Stream the Best Tamil Movies On aha

If you are a fan of  Tamil thriller movies  and like to watch the movies mentioned above, you must subscribe to the OTT site, aha. Subscribe to the site to watch all your favourite Tamil movies with friends and family members from your house. Watch Jiivi, Writer, Diary and other Tamil movies on the OTT site.

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